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2019 CPMR Projection for TEN-T – Core sea ports at NUTS2 level
2019 CPMR Projections for TEN-T – Lastest data available
Update on the Connecting Europe Facility after 2020 FR   EN  
CPMR Presentation on CEF2_WGT_4 September 2018 EN  
WGT – Presentation HyER Presentation_HyER.pdf  
WGT_Presentation Vasterbotten Intervention on aviation by Mårten Edberg-Västerbotten.pdf  
WGT – Port of Barcelona Port of Barcelona.pdf  
Presentation_ESPO ESPO Study - The investment needs and financing challenge of European ports.pdf  
WGT – Presentation DG MOVE Smart_TEN-T_Presentation_DG_MOVE_CPMR.pdf  
WGT – Presentation Anvroin CPMR_Presentation_Anvroin.pdf  
WGT – N SPINOUSA Presentation _ Nancy SPINOUSA- PACA.pdf  
WGT – DG Move presentation – CEF CEF_DG MOVE.pdf  
PPT Isabelle Vandoorne EN  
Agenda CPMR Transport working group EN  
Presentation by ARC, Léa BODOSSIAN on Peripheral regions – Aviation, a brief overview of European context EN  
Presentation by DG Move, Peter SZATMARI , on EU road transport strategy EN  
6th June meeting_Agenda EN  
CPMR Technical Note – Review of the CEF: proposed method and schedule for CPMR FR   EN  
Agenda CPMR Working Group Transport EN  
Accessibility campaign – Progress report and outlook – FR   EN