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CPMR Manifesto: Regions at the heart of a reformed European Union EN   FR   ES   IT   EL  
CPMR Activity Report 2018/2019 EN   FR   ES   IT   GR  
National Energy Climate Plans: The need for a territorial approach FR   EN  
Regions, indispensable partners for a new European climate ambition FR   EN   ES   IT  
CPMR policy priorities 2019 EN   FR  
Towards a CPMR manifesto: ‘Why territories matter’ FR   EN  
CPMR action in the climate field: State of play and next steps FR   EN  
Final Declaration – CPMR General Assembly – Madeira (PT) 2018 FR   GR   EN   IT   ES  
Long-Term Strategy on Reducing Emissions EN   FR   IT   ES  
CPMR Activity Report 2017/2018 EN   FR   IT   ES   EL  
Green Week Partner Event – Practical tools to support Urban-Regional approaches to resilience-building SMR _CLEI.pdf   RESIN European Climate Risk Typology_ICLEI.pdf  
2nd session_CCFT, 23 May 18 Drs Ing. YIGALL_SCHILP.pdf   Spano_Sardinia.pdf   Erquicia_Euskadi.pdf   Paramio_Azores.pdf   Bianconi_Emilia Romagna.pdf  
Final Declaration – CPMR General Assembly – Helsinki (FI) 2017 EN   FR   IT   ES   EL  
Energy Union and the Clean Energy Package EN   FR   IT   ES  
Review of the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change EN   FR   IT   ES  
CPMR Activity Report 2016/2017 EN   FR   IT   ES   EL  
Update_EU’s Adaptation Strategy EN  
Terms of Reference_Energy-Climate Task Force FR   EN  
Final Declaration – GA Azores 2016 EN   IT   FR   ES   GR  
CPMR Activity Report 2015-2016 – GA Azores 2016 FR   EN   IT   ES   GR