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Agenda – Climate Task Force – 17 September 2019 EN  
CPMR action in the climate field: State of play and next steps FR   EN  
Long-Term Strategy on Reducing Emissions EN   FR   IT   ES  
Green Week Partner Event – Practical tools to support Urban-Regional approaches to resilience-building SMR _CLEI.pdf   RESIN European Climate Risk Typology_ICLEI.pdf  
Green Week Partner Event – Regional and Urban approaches to building resilience in practice Breizh COP_Bretagne.pdf   LIFENATURE 4 CITY_PACA.pdf   Climate adaptation_resilience measures_Euskadi.exe   Contribution from Murcia.pdf   44MPA Project_Poland.pdf  
2nd session_CCFT, 23 May 18 Drs Ing. YIGALL_SCHILP.pdf   Spano_Sardinia.pdf   Erquicia_Euskadi.pdf   Paramio_Azores.pdf   Bianconi_Emilia Romagna.pdf  
1st session_CCFT, 23 may 18 CPMR_Gregg Jones Questionnaire and Priorities.pdf   CPMR _Damien Perisse.pdf  
Agenda Green Week Partner Event EN  
Presentations – Taskforce Climate – 01/02/18 P. Owen_DG CLIMATE.pdf   N. Brookes_ CPMR.pdf   Update on CPMR Climate Taskforce.pdf  
Agenda of the CPMR Climate Task Force (Helsinki, 18 October 2017) EN  
PPT Presentation by Gregg Jones (Task Force meeting, 18 October 2017) EN  
Presentation by Gregg Jones, Director, CPMR EN  
Energy Union and the Clean Energy Package EN   FR   IT   ES  
Review of the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change EN   FR   IT   ES  
Presentations delivered – TF Climate, 26 september 2017 Västra Götaland_mitigation.pdf   Sout-west Finland_renewable.pdf   South-west Finland_potential_challenges.pdf   Pellerin_ JDI CRPM.pdf   Heinrich boll_slides.pdf   Gavleborg_potential_challenges.pdf   Climate Group_Leah Good.pdf   Central Denmark_mitigation.pdf   Catalunya_clean energy transition.pdf   Brittany_mitigation.pdf  
Agenda of the CPMR Climate Task Force – 26 September 2017 EN  
Agenda – 28 June 2017 meeting of the Climate Task Force EN  
Update_EU’s Adaptation Strategy EN  
Agenda / Ordre du jour (30 March 2017) EN  
Terms of Reference_Energy-Climate Task Force FR   EN