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2019 Transport Action Plan FR   EN  
CPMR and Aviation: Ready for take-off FR   EN  
Final Declaration – CPMR General Assembly – Madeira (PT) 2018 FR   EL   EN   IT   ES  
Update on the Connecting Europe Facility after 2020 FR   EN  
CPMR Activity Report 2017/2018 EN   FR   IT   ES   EL  
CPMR Presentation on CEF2_WGT_4 September 2018 EN  
WGT – Presentation HyER Presentation_HyER.pdf  
WGT_Presentation Vasterbotten Intervention on aviation by Mårten Edberg-Västerbotten.pdf  
WGT – Port of Barcelona Port of Barcelona.pdf  
Presentation_ESPO ESPO Study - The investment needs and financing challenge of European ports.pdf  
WGT – Presentation DG MOVE Smart_TEN-T_Presentation_DG_MOVE_CPMR.pdf  
WGT – Presentation Anvroin CPMR_Presentation_Anvroin.pdf  
CPMR briefing note: Making sense of the EU Budget proposal for 2021 – 2027; focus on Cohesion policy EN  
Transport and accessibility: Prospects for CPMR future action FR   EN  
Letter to Commissioner Violeta Bulc – Connecting Europe Facility post-2020 FR   EN  
PPT Isabelle Vandoorne EN  
Final Declaration – CPMR General Assembly – Helsinki (FI) 2017 EN   FR   IT   ES   EL  
CPMR and aviation: Summary of the member Regions’ priorities and next steps on Aviation EN   FR  
CPMR Activity Report 2016/2017 EN   FR   IT   ES   EL  
TEN-T core network corridors: amendments proposed under the review of the CEF FR   EN