The CPMR has a new office in Brussels. Although it is located in the same building as the previous one, the new office is now on the third floor of Rond Point Schuman 14, a very central location at the heart of the European district .

The CPMR is sharing this new working space with the Region of Calabria (IT), one of the CPMR’s founding members, and it is expected that other regions will join us in the future.

“I am very glad to have found this solution that gives us greater visibility and allows us to work in a more efficient and dynamic way. I want to thank the President of Calabria Mario Oliverio for being with us, but I am also thankful to the President of Tuscany, Enrico Rossi, for  hosting the CPMR team for over ten years. This was a very fruitful collaboration, based also on the fantastic interpersonal wonderful human contacts we had with the Tuscany colleagues,” stated Eleni Marianou, Secretary General of the CPMR.