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At the invitation of Pays de la Loire Region (FR), the CPMR Political Bureau will be held on 27 February 2015 in Nantes.

Vasco Cordeiro, President of the CPMR and President of the Government of the Azores will open the meeting together with Jacques Auxiette, President of the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire and Marietta Karamanli, Vice-President of the European Affairs Committee at the French National Assembly.

Participants will discuss cohesion, maritime affairs, accessibility, climate and other policy areas.

A Speaker’s Corner will also be organised on “Smart specialisation, maritime industries and territorial dynamics” and chaired by Christophe Clergeau, First Vice-President of the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire.

In terms of discussion points, one fundamental issue will be the implementation of the Juncker Plan and the role of the regions. According to the CPMR the Juncker plan might not reach out to regions, which do not have extensive experience with these instruments and lack the relevant structures to tap into the European Strategic Investment Fund. Moreover, peripheral regions may not have the capacity to compete for the investment clause and we all know how important this capacity is for their future economic development.