1rencontre-Président-Cantabrie-au-Berlaymont2/02/2015 – The President of the CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission and of Cantabria (Spain) meets with the representatives of the CPMR and of the Atlantic Arc Commission in Brussels.

From left to right: Inmaculada Valencia Bayón, Eleni Marianou, Pauline Caumont, Ignacio Diego Palacios and Cristina Mazas Pérez-Oleaga.

The President of the CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission and of Cantabria, Ignacio Diego Palacios, together with Cristina Mazas Pérez-Oleaga, Councillor for Economy, Finance, Industry and Employment of Cantabria, and Inmaculada Valencia Bayón, Head of Economy and European Affairs of Cantabria, met with Eleni Marianou, Secretary General of the CPMR, and Pauline Caumont, Executive Secretary of the Atlantic Arc Commission, during a visit to Brussels on Thursday 12 February 2015.

Discussions mainly focussed on the meeting between the President of the Atlantic Arc Commission and Mikel Landabaso, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Creţu (Regional Policy) that was to be held in the afternoon. On this occasion, Eleni Marianou and Pauline Caumont stressed the fact that the interest of the Atlantic Regions needed to be taken into account in the European Commission 2015 Work Programme. They also called for recognition of the Atlantic Strategy as a real macro-regional strategy. From the CPMR perspective, Atlantic Regions have great blue growth potential to unleash within the framework of Juncker’s investment plan.

When meeting with Mikel Landabaso, the President was also in charge of submitting an official invitation letter to participate to the Atlantic Arc Commission General Assembly – which will take place on 17/18 March 2015 in Bilbao – to Commissioner Corina Creţu, responsible for Regional Policy. Indeed, the participation of the Commissioner or one of her representatives is essential to raise awareness of the importance of European regional policy.