NSC_logoThe Annual Business Meeting of the North Sea Commission (NSC) took place in Assen (NL) on 18th June and was hosted by the Drenthe Province.

During the debates, participants focused on the NSC 2020 strategy which includes different strategic priorities such as managing maritime space, increasing accessibility and clean transport, tackling climate change, developing attractive and sustainable communities and promoting innovation, excellence and sustainability, as a horizontal priority.

Members of the North Sea Commission signed the “Assen Declaration” which asks the forthcoming Dutch Presidency of the European Union to take a leading role in driving the process for closer strategic cooperation between the member states and Norway on the North Sea Agenda. The Netherlands will hold the EU presidency from January to June 2016 and these priorities are not dissimilar to those mentioned in the Dutch visionary document North Sea 2050 Spatial Agenda presented last year. This report makes connections between the North Sea’s future opportunities and existing developments and challenges.

Nicolas Brookes, represented the CPMR secretariat during the work held in Assen focusing on the current activities in the field of cohesion, maritime affairs and accessibility and the interaction between the CPMR and its Geographical Commissions.

The Annual Business Meeting of the North Sea Commission (NSC) was organised at the same time with the North Sea Conference, a top level event that brought together over 600 participants.

 During the North Sea Conference, the NSC arranged two political workshops, the North Sea Commission for beginners and Revision of the North Sea Region 2020.