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Spotlight on Cohesion policy

Spotlight on cohesion policy: putting Europe’s regions first is funded through the European Regional Development Fund. The project aims to promote a better understanding of cohesion policy in the development of all regions. It also highlights awareness of projects in the Cohesion Policy Fund, highlighting their impact and benefits for EU regions and citizens.

The one-year project is led by EURACTIV Media Network, which is responsible for ensuring  media coverage of Cohesion policy activities and developments, including regional and local media partners in 10 Member States. The CPMR is partnering with EURACTIV to ensure that regional authorities and stakeholders have a voice in the media arena in relation to the current situation and future of cohesion policy. The CPMR and EURACTIV will organise and promote open debates and dialogue with the participation of regional and local authorities, stakeholders and citizens of several Member States and regions.

The “State of the Regions” newsletter (bi-monthly) will keep you informed about all relevant Cohesion policy developments and events, and news related to the Spotlight on Cohesion project.

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This project is part of the CPMR’s work on Cohesion policy.

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The Spotlight on Cohesion policy project is co-financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund

AI-NURECC Initiative

The Adriatic Ionian Network of Universities, Regions, Chambers of Commerce and Cities (Initiative AI-NURECC) is an initiative involving the main stakeholders of the Ionian Regions of the Adriatic, who have joined forces to support the implementation of the Strategy of the European Union for the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea Region (EUSAIR).

The initiative is coordinated by the CPMR with the support of four partners from the region: the Ionian Adriatic Euroregion (IEA), the Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities (ICHC), the Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce and UniAdrion. The initiative will last 18 months with the aim of contributing to the achievement of EUSAIR’s political objectives and to promoting the successful implementation of its action plan. The ultimate goal will be to promote structured dialogue and stronger and more effective cooperation between regional and local authorities, universities, chambers of commerce, youth associations and networks, entrepreneurs and civil society.

This project is linked to the work of the CPMR on Cohesion policy.

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The action AI-NURECC initiative has received funding from the European Union


Next2Met is an innovative interregional exchange project which aims at increasing attractiveness – for knowledge, opportunities, and capital – of territories located close to metropolitan areas. The project brings together 6 regional and local actors and 1 Advisory Partner sharing this common challenge and working together to implement policy solutions.
This 3.5 year-long project started on 1 August 2019 and was officially launched in Brussels early September and will last until January 2023.

Next2Met aims at improving policy instruments through interregional learning processes in 6 different regions. To achieve this, Next2Met partners will focus on soft digitalisation measures, making sure that public policy supports an increased attractiveness of its territories. Each of those regions will see projects financed which will promote innovation chain involvement and mobilise structural and local funds.

Digitalisation, cooperation and specialisation are the cornerstones that form the basis of regional growth and this project aims to support the regions involved to fully exploit the potential in order to become more attractive “next to met” areas.

This project is linked to the work of the CPMR on Cohesion policy.

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This project is co-financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund