The main thematic areas addressed by this Inter-Commission Task Force are:

Response to humanitarian emergencies dealing with irregular immigration in the CPMR Regions

Promotion of reflections and recommendations on possible measures for improving the practical, immediate response, with respect for migrants’ human rights, to the challenges of humanitarian emergencies in CPMR Regions, caused by irregular immigration flows

Broader joint reflection on the deepest roots of migratory flows and more effective action for improving its management (exchange of reflections and formulation of specific recommendations).

Integration and socio-economic development

Effective and participatory socio-economic integration of migrants in the destination countries of migratory flows and promotion of circular migration as an asset for economic integration in EU Neighbourhoods (mutual communication/exchange on best practices and integration models/pilot initiatives among CPMR Regions)

Support for dialogue among cultures and the conditions for sustainable development (in its broader definition and creating interlinkage with climate change and environmental degradation) in the countries of origin of migration flows through development of cooperation action (link with Neighbourhood Policy and Development Cooperation and the CPMR Working Group on External Cooperation; conception of possible pilot actions).

Lead Region

Region Skåne


Annika Annerby Jansson, President of the Region
Maria Lindbom, Strategist International Relations

Email: maria.lindbom[at]


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Executive Director EU Programmes, Partnerships and Geographical Commissions

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Project and Policy Officer

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