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Targeted City Actions in the framework of the Mediterranean City-to-City Migration project

Actions submitted should be implemented in at least one of the target countries of MC2CM (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia) and set out to address an identified need of local urban migration governance in line with the objectives of the call and MC2CM recommendations.

Grants of EUR 50-60k are awarded for successful project applications. The call will probably fund 7-8 small size projects and it is possible to set up partnerships involving regional and local authorities at the same time, from the EU and the MC2CM target countries.


H2020 MIGRATION-01-2019

Understanding migration mobility patterns: elaborating mid and long-term migration scenarios

Global migration is growing in scope, complexity and diversity, which requires better preparedness and responses. A deeper understanding of the drivers of migration and of their interrelation with people’s propensity to migrate is needed as well as projections and scenarios that are essential for appropriate planning and effective policymaking.

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU in the order of EUR 3 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately.



Local and regional integration networks

Grants for transnational projects setting up networks of regions and cities to work together on integration. These projects, which will be implemented over a relatively long time-scale (up to 3 years), will allow transfer of knowledge, exchange of practices and experiences at local and regional level across Member States.

Partnerships should, in particular, include local and regional authorities having none or little experience on integration and local and regional authorities having experience in that area through the development of integration policies and measures.


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Basque Government

SHARE Proposal

Objective: Promote an alliance among regions and local authorities that allows them to have a voice and a proposal in Europe in relation to the migratory challenge

The Share Proposal sets out to agree a mechanism for across-the-board application in the EU of the principle of joint responsibility in the face of the migration challenge in its most vulnerable situations. The content of the Proposal bases the distribution of effort on three parameters:
(1) tax revenue (or Average Disposable income or GDP), with a weighting of 50%
(2) the population (30%)
and (3) the unemployment rate (20%).

Obviously, the Share proposal is an open starting point. Both its parameters and percentages are subject to obtaining the widest possible consensus.
Its potential lies in the ability of the different sub-state governments in Europe to convey to State governments -and particularly the European institutions- our willingness to request and offer a commitment in line with the principle of joint responsibility and with the spirit of this proposal.

The Basque Government is seeking active support for the initiative from other sub-state governments, regions and municipalities.

Signatories already include: Catalunya / Navarra / Canary Islands / Melilla / Attica / Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Communauté d’Agglomération Pays Basque