The CPMR believes there is need to establish a long-term effective, plural and integrated multilevel governance model for managing migration flows. The latter should be based on a concrete strategy for legal migration, the fight against irregularities, criminality and human traffic, the respect of the right of asylum, economic cooperation, the positive relationship between migration and development, and a more effective cooperation with countries of transit and origin in all areas of migration.

The CPMR aims to promote the key role Regions have to play in:

  • Emergency response to humanitarian crises;
  • Integration of migrants and socio-economic development.

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Migration Management Working Groups

The main thematic areas addressed by this Inter-Commission Task Force are:

Response to humanitarian emergencies dealing with irregular immigration in the CPMR Regions

Promotion of reflections and recommendations on possible measures for improving the practical, immediate response, with respect for migrants’ human rights, to the challenges of humanitarian emergencies in CPMR Regions, caused by irregular immigration flows.

Broader joint reflection on the deepest roots of migratory flows and more effective action for improving its management (exchange of reflections and formulation of specific recommendations)…

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