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The CPMR’s work on External Cooperation covers the topics of EU Neighbourhood and the Regions’ actions in the field of Development Cooperation. A dedicated working group deals with these issues

The CPMR seeks to promote the role of the Regions for a balanced development of the EU’s border areas. The CPMR’s considerations have allowed it to conceive a broad-based approach to Europe as a “geostrategic area of 800 million inhabitants”. It is on this basis that the CPMR is putting forward the idea of a convergence policy at the Union’s borders aimed at guaranteeing peace, stability and prosperity. Its work focuses on:

EU Neighbourhood Policy and its links to Cohesion Policy, and also to the Northern Dimension, the Eastern Partnership, the Union for the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Regions, Outermost Regions, etc.; The CPMR’s geographical commissions are at the centre of this work, essentially the Inter-Mediterranean Commission and the Balkan and Black Sea Commission.

Links with Macroregional Strategies (EUSAIR, Mediterranean…) and other relevant EU policies, in particular transport networks, integrated maritime policy, tourism.

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Executive Director EU Programmes, Partnerships and Geographical Commissions

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Email: davide.strangis@crpm.org

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Policy Assistant

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Email: claire.street@crpm.org

Since 2006, the CPMR has been aiming to encourage supra-national decision-makers to politically acknowledge regional-led action in development and foster decentralisation/deconcentration processes. Its work focuses on:

  • EU Development policy, including the added value of decentralised cooperation for the European and Global agenda;
  • The Global Post 2015 Development Agenda, including its overarching Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Promoting capacity building for regional partners in the South and improving North/South and South/South cooperation;
  • Expertise and innovation in cooperation process;
  • Effectiveness and accountability of development cooperation.

The CPMR is a member of PLATFORMA, which coordinates the voice of European local and regional authorities in the field of development cooperation.


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Policy Officer

Tel: 00 32 (0)2 721 54 35
Email: leonie.buschbeck@crpm.org

Photo of Claire STREET
Policy Assistant

Tel: 00 33 (0)2 99 35 40 62
Email: claire.street@crpm.org

Working in the field of development cooperation and neighbourhood, the objectives of this Working Group are:

Policy and Advocacy – To profile, advocate for and secure the added value of decentralised cooperation in the EU and international agendas, by means of a specific voice for regional authorities and a structured message.

Innovative processes towards empowering regional and local governments – To encourage and strengthen new decentralised cooperation processes and partnerships of particular added value, innovation and effectiveness for more effective development outcomes. This shall include facilitating the exchange of concrete actions between local and regional authorities and their partners; as well as the participation in calls for proposals, funding opportunities and initiatives from the EU and other relevant actors.

Complementarity and Synergy – To promote and complement the impact of the CPMR External Cooperation Working Group and the individual work of its members, as well as the mainstream of a cooperation axis into other CPMR working groups and geographical commissions, if and as appropriate.

Accountability and effectiveness – Monitor and assess the effectiveness and impact of decentralised cooperation vis-à-vis the EU and international agendas, as well as of the actions and deliverables of the Working Group.

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