The Task Force generally aims to:

  • engage the Regions in the implementation of the Paris Agreement;
  • understand the economic, social and environmental impact of climate change in peripheral maritime Regions;
  • share the Regions’ experiences on climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  • ensure synergies with existing projects, as well as with the key objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Specifically, it addresses the thematic areas of:

Mitigation of climate change

  • Foster development of renewable energies and smart grids in peripheral maritime Régions;
  • Promote the active role of Regional Authorities, businesses, research centres and citizens in their energy and climate transition, as well as the best forms of governance and participation;
  • Promote implementation of the provisions for island and peripheral territories laid down in the Treaty on Trans-European Networks for Energy;
  • Ensure that these priorities are taken into account in the European electricity, energy and carbon markets.

Adaptation to the foreseeable effects of climate change

  • Understand and share the consequences and challenges of climate change and the capacity for action of Regional Authorities;
  • Help to implement the EU White Paper and the EU Strategy for Adaptation;
  • Ensure that these priorities are taken into account in post-2020 Cohesion Policy;
  • Encourage Regional Authorities’ access to data, tools and information regarding adaptation.

Lead Regions

Brittany & Noord-Holland Regions


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Claudia GUZZON
Project and Policy Officer

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Policy Assistant

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