Ensuring accessibility and connectivity in peripheries

The CPMR is the only regional organisation in Europe that aims to reduce the distance between the economic and political centre of our continent and its peripheries, thus enhancing accessibility for those Regions that have geographical handicaps hindering their potential.

The CPMR’s work on accessibility focuses on:

EU Transport Policy (White Papers, Funding, Reviews)

Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) (corridors, ports, calls for projects, forums)

Maritime Transport (services, greening, Motorways of the Sea). In this regard the CPMR is a member of the European Sustainable Shipping Forum set up by the European Commission.

Specific territories (Outermost Regions, Islands)


In 2014 an accessibility campaign was launched to underline the unquestionable relationship between accessibility and the economic development of Regions and the fact that accessibility is insufficiently taken into account in the TEN-T & CEF maps and pieces of legislation

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Working Group

Made up of expert representatives from the different CPMR Geographical Commissions, the group meets twice annually in Brussels.

It assists the CPMR General Secretariat in preparing technical and policy papers on priority issues for the maritime Regions and corresponding EU policies: TEN-T, CEF, accessibility and maritime transport.

It also helps to organise discussion between the Geographical Commissions on their respective transport-related challenges and activities.

Finally, the meetings provide an opportunity to exchange information with representatives of DG MOVE who are regularly invited to attend.