Two projects in which the CPMR’s Atlantic Arc Commission (AAC) is involved have been approved by the INTERREG Atlantic Area Monitoring Committee.

As part of the first call for proposals of the 2014-2020 INTERREG Atlantic Area Program, the Atlantic Arc Commission has successfully submitted two projects related to blue economy and environment in the Atlantic.

In total, 425 project proposals were presented to the 1st phase of the call last May 2016. Out of these 425 proposals, only 101 projects made it to the second phase. During last Programme Monitoring Committee held in Porto last 4-5 May 2017, 45 projects in total were selected to receive funding.

The AAC projects will focus on two specific thematic areas:

The SAFER project aims to improve the innovation performance of the seafood sector by increasing technology adoption and transnational cooperation. These steps are being undertaken in response to the challenges of a sector identified as high-potential for regional smart growth.

The CleanAtlantic project works to reduce the risks and impacts of marine litter in the Atlantic Area by improving the regional cooperation, reinforcing regions capabilities to prevent, monitoring and removing marine litter, as well as raising awareness to improve marine litter managing systems.

For both projects, regional cooperation between Atlantic regions will be crucial and the Atlantic Arc Commission, due to its network nature, is expected to play a great role in this respect.

The AAC will contribute to scaling up good practices at a regional level by undertaking communication and capitalisation activities.