ARCAT_LOGOThe «fisheries» working group of the Atlantic Arc Commission will organise a seminar in Nantes (FR) on the future of fisheries in the Atlantic Arc and on the regionalisation of the Common Fisheries Policy on 26 February 2015 by invitation of Adeline L’Honen, Regional Councillor for Pays de la Loire and President of the fisheries working group of the CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission.

At the meeting, the European Parliament will be represented by Isabelle Thomas, Member of the Intergroup on seas, rivers, islands and coastal areas and Ricardo Serrão Santos, Member of the Committee on Fisheries.

Various Regions of the Atlantic Arc (Galizia, Brittany, Azores, Lower Normandy etc.) will present their Regional models in support of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. Among the Regional examples that will be discussed at the event, Christophe Clergeau, 1st Vice President of Pays de la Loire (FR) will give a presentation on «a more sustainable and safer Atlantic fleet: The Region’s committment to building the ships of the future».

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