meeting-bordeaux-aacThe Atlantic Arc Commission’s (AAC) “Innovation” working group met in Bordeaux (France) last 6 October, at the invitation of the Aquitaine Region in order to identify priority areas for the Member Regions of the AAC.

Discussions helped to draw up a working plan built upon concrete actions for each one of these areas.

The Aquitaine Region – which was elected chair of this working group last 18 March on the occasion of the AAC General Assembly in Bilbao (Spain) – seized the opportunity of this first meeting since it was elected to present its intentions and mobilise the Atlantic Arc Regions on the issue of innovation in the blue economy.

A Draft Road Map for 2015-2016 had been drafted by the Aquitaine Region and then submitted to the member Regions of the AAC in June 2015. This document identifies several priority areas (Ships of the Future; Marine mineral resources; Biological resources and biotechnologies; Development, surveillance and security of the coast).

The Atlantic Regions can increase their chance of creating growth and jobs in their territories by working together and by sharing information, results and good practices. The priority areas identified within this working group are based on priorities and initiatives of the European Commission (Atlantic Strategy, Communication on blue growth, blue economy, creation of growth and jobs, etc.) and focus on areas specific to the Atlantic.

The Draft conclusions were sent to the member Regions after the meeting. This document – which will be put to the vote during the next plenary session of the AAC, a side event of the Annual General Meeting of the CPMR on 5 November in Florence (Italy) – will serve as a basis for the future actions of the working group.