??????????????????????Every second, 206 kg of plastic waste are dumped into the world’s oceans. We can no longer deny that the responsibility for the pollution of the marine environment lies with us. 100% of the waste found on our beaches is of human origin, and, consequently, the result of our consumption patterns.

This year Surfrider celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Ocean Initiatives. More than ever, citizens were at the centre of this campaign, which aims to trigger a genuine awareness in people of the responsibility we have as consumers for the pollution caused by marine litter.

The 20th Ocean Initiatives were organised during the weekend of the 19th to the 22nd of March, but will continue throughout the rest of the year. Thanks to these litter clean-up operations, which take place on beaches, along lakesides, river banks, and sea floors, thousands of citizens across Europe will be sensitised to the marine litter problem.

Through the litter collections, the Ocean Initiatives give citizens the opportunity to become conscious of the pollution of the marine environment and find out about possible solutions. Everyone can get involved, either by organising a clean-up or by joining an existing one in their area. Surfrider provides a free educational kit to every organiser to help them with their initiative. Thanks to the tools provided and the knowledge gained during these operations, participants become genuine ambassadors for Surfrider’s message and protectors of the environment.

The CPMR strongly supports this initiative and invites all its members regions to take part in it!