On 21 June in Bilbao, the CPMR and the Basque University (Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea UPV / EHU) will be organising a seminar entitled “Regional support to value chains related to blue biotechnology”. This seminar is organised as part of a collaboration between the CPMR and EMBRC through the Horizon 2020 project EMBRC PP2. EMBRC is a distributed research facility bringing together research centres from 9 countries and is included in the ESFRI list of research facilities of pan-European interest recognised at EU level.

The seminar will bring together partner research centres of EMBRC, regional authorities, the European Commission and industry stakeh

olders and will be structured around the following three panels:

  • Value chains related to blue biotechnologies in the territories;
  • Effective regional support to the blue biotechnology sector;
  • Regional involvement in the governance of EMBRC in the framework of a memorandum between EMBRC, the CPMR and the Regions.

These discussions will draw on the work carried out under the EMBRC PP2 project, the link between blue biotechnology and Smart Specialisation Strategies for Research and Innovation in European coastal Regions, and regional involvement in the governance of EMBRC.

You may register for the seminar at this link.

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