Fonds d'écran ArcopolMaritime transport is a key element for European economic development, but the increasing seaborne trade of oil and chemicals poses a significant threat to the conservation of Europe’s marine and coastal environments.

In this context, the CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission is organising the Final Conference of the ARCOPOLplatform project in Brussels on 14/15 September 2015.

ARCOPOLplatform is an Atlantic Area Interreg Project involving Regions, Universities and Research Centres aiming at reinforcing preparedness of Atlantic regions against maritime pollution. Its aim is also to improve the preparedness and response to oil and Hazardous and Noxious Substance (HNS) spills.

This Final Conference will present the results of the project in its five crucial work areas namely, Contingency Planning, Hazardous Noxious Substance (HNS) preparedness and response, Detection, Monitoring and Prediction systems, Environmental Monitoring as well as Training and Awareness Raising.

On this occasion, two seminars will be organised:

– “Reinforcing preparedness of Atlantic Regions against maritime pollution” organised at the Committee of the Regions (Room JDE 51) from Monday 14 September at 14.00 to Tuesday 15 September until 14.30. Registration is required through the following link: REGISTRATION

– Political debate with European Parliament Members on “How to better protect Atlantic Coastal Regions from Maritime Pollution?”, which will take place on Tuesday 15 September from 16.00 to 18.00 in the European Parliament (Room P5B001), in the Framework of the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas (SEARICA) Intergroup, under the patronage of Mrs Gesine Meissner, Chair of the Intergroup, and Mr Alain Cadec, Chair of the FISH Committee and Vice-Chair of the Intergroup.