seminaire-Black SeaThe CPMR took part in the Second Black Sea Stakeholder Conference entitled “Smart and Blue – New opportunities for the Blue Economy of the Black Sea: Supporting Maritime Business Growth”, organised in Sofia on 24 March 2015 by the European Commission (DG MARE) and the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information, Technology and Communications.

This was a high-level conference, with Mr Karmenu Vella, EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, taking the floor during the first session on “Political Opportunities to Enhance Business Growth”, in which the Ukrainian Deputy Minister for EU Integration, Mrs Oksana Reiter, and the Secretary General of the BSEC PERMIS, Ambassador Dr Victor Tvircun, also participated.

The CPMR was represented by Mr Mircea Stoian, Tulcea County Councillor, and candidate for the BBSRC Presidency, who presented the CPMR/BBSRC during the aforementioned session. Mr Stoian was accompanied by the CPMR Director following the BBSRC, Mr Patrick Anvroin.

The Black Sea could become an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world, however, this potential has not yet been fully developed because of limited resources, insufficient transport infrastructure, inadequate tourist facilities, and poor quality of services. To meet these problems, international associative structures, such as the Balkan and Black Sea Regional Commission, aim to find solutions to common problems and also to promote good practice examples and principles of sustainable development, establishing the conditions necessary for cultural and economic dialogue. Given the fact that any change requires substantial material efforts, I am confident that we will find efficient and environment friendly solutions in the Black Sea that will contribute to economic development only through a joint public–private partnership, by attracting investors and grants. It is our duty, as stakeholders, to turn the Black Sea into a Blue Sea!Mr Stoian stated during his speech.