MINE-EMI kick-off meeting and Stakeholders International Conference:

Partners from the wider Black Sea region establish a network for innovative education to tackle emerging maritime issues


The MINE-EMI project (Maritime Innovative Network of Education for Emerging Maritime Issues) is a new Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project that aims to bridge the gap between emerging maritime issues and educational training in order to ensure a sustainable development in the areas of maritime planning transportation and logistics.

The kick-off meeting took place in Tuzla (Istanbul, Turkey) on 21-22 January and was followed by an International Stakeholders Conference on 23-24 January 2020. All events were kindly hosted at the outstanding facilities of the Piri Reis University, lead partner of the MINE-EMI project.

The kick-off meeting brought together all the partners of the project for important organisational discussions around project implementation, but it also allowed the project partners to present their institutions for the network to appreciate the expertise and capacities of each partner to deliver the different project actions. The CPMR presented the communication tools most adequate for project dissemination, leading a discussion on how each partner can better promote the project in its constituencies.

Feedback gathering was an important element put on the table by the partners, as it allows to better identify the requirements of the sector and be able to fill in the gaps. A feedback survey has been developed to collect feedback on possible emerging maritime issues, and it will be thoroughly disseminated to relevant target groups. Transparency and mutual exchange of information with stakeholders is an essential aspect of the project’s success.


The International Stakeholders Conference was opened by the Rector of the Piri Reis University, Professor Dr Oral Erdoğan, who congratulated the initiative of the MINE-EMI project and delivered inspiring words about the maritime profession “We have to adapt to our times without losing the ethics of a traditional profession” he said.

The Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey, Mr Cem Erdem, emphasised the importance of cooperating with all stakeholders in order to be able to achieve the essential changes of the sector and praised the various projects under development in the area, including MINE-EMI.

A first panel discussion on “Emerging Maritime Issues and their impacts on the Black Sea” followed, chaired by Lecturer ADM (Ret.) Alaettin Sevim from Piri Reis University, with interventions from MINE-EMI project partners. The Executive Secretary of the CPMR Balkan and Black Sea Commission, Mr Stavros Kalognomos provided insight into the maritime state of play at EU level as well as the work of the CPMR in the maritime policy area with a focus on the Black Sea, including the recent re-establishment of the SEARICA Intergroup of the European Parliament. A second panel assembled representatives from the Academic Sector for a discussion on “New requirements in Maritime Education and Training”.

The International Stakeholders Conference comprised several interesting presentations on current maritime issues analysed from different perspectives, such as financial aspects, certification standards, the dry port concept, or the entrance of the Generation Z in the labour market.

To learn more about the project, please visit: https://www.pirireis.edu.tr/mine-emi-project