The partners involved in the Interreg MED MITOMED+ project – including the CPMR’s Intermediterranean Commission – held their official launch meeting in Florence, Italy on 2-3 March, at the invitation of the Tuscany Region.

MITOMED+ (Models of Integrated Tourism in the MEDiterranean Plus) is a three-year Interreg MED project combining Testing and Capitalization (M2+M3) activities running from February 2017 to January 2020.

It is the spin-off of the MITOMED project (funded by the MED Maritime for a two-year period: 2014-2015), which promoted the integrated management of maritime and coastal tourism by improving the knowledge of data, products, services through a set of indicators based on NECSTouR’s (Network of European Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism) model.

MITOMED+ aims to take MITOMED’s results further in order to improve the coordination of strategies between territories at transnational level regarding the development of maritime and coastal tourism through cooperation and joint planning between regions at a wider MED transnational level.

To do so, the project aims to increase knowledge and social dialogue regarding the development of sustainable and responsible maritime and coastal tourism in each partner region. This will help improve the decision-making process and tourism planning at destination level, by mainstreaming results into local, regional and national policies and setting up a MED maritime and coastal tourism management model.

The activities of the project include the creation and testing of the ‘Green Beaches’ model in partner regions’ destinations, as part of work package 3. A common open online maritime and coastal tourism data platform gathering the project’s indicators will also be created.

The project brings together several regional authorities and their networks, associations of local authorities, territorial development agencies, higher education institution and research centres, which all have a significant experience in maritime and coastal tourism.

As an M2 + M3 modular project, MITOMED+ will be divided into two phases: testing the NECSTouR’s set of indicators in the partner’s regions through pilot actions, which aim at setting up a common MED tourism monitoring system to experiment the tourism indicators database; and capitalising main results through their mainstreaming into regional policies and extension to other MED and EU regions.

Stefano Romagnoli, Head of regional office in charge of tourism and commerce of the Tuscany Region, and Simone Gheri, Director of ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities), welcomed the project’s partners and affirmed the importance of MITOMED+ for improving local and regional maritime and coastal tourism strategies.

During the first day, partners discussed the overall organisation of the project as well as the specific content of each work package. The second day was the project’s first Steering Group meeting dedicated to internal issues (setting up of the group, approval of the group’s regulation and plan of actions for the first semester).

MITOMED+ involves two member Regions of the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) – namely the Tuscany Region (Lead Partner) and the Andalusia Region – as well as several institutional and technical partners, including the AnetelLAG, Croatia’s Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, the Public Enterprise for Management of Tourism and Sport of Andalusia, the Association of Tuscan Municipalities, the Italian National Research Council-Institute of Biometeorology, the Girona University and NECSTouR.

The IMC – which is a full project partner – will coordinate work package 5 on capitalisation and will be strongly involved in the project’s communication activities. The main objectives of the project’s capitalisation activities are to capitalise on Testing and Transferring activities’ results and on other EU projects related to tourism (ERNEST, TOURMEDASSET, CO-EVOLVE, etc.), create a new integrated Mediterranean maritime and coastal tourism management model and develop a new integrated approach involving public and private multi-stakeholders.

In order to foster dissemination and capitalisation of the project’s results among EU and Mediterranean Regions in particular, synergies will be established with the CPMR Working Group on Maritime and Coastal Tourism and the IMC Task Force on Sustainable and Cultural Tourism.

For more information about the MITOMED+ project, please contact Maria Luisa Mattivi, Tuscany Region ( or Emmanuel Maniscalco, CPMR Intermediterranean Commission (

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