pic_2A first information meeting for the launch of the Interreg MED Program’s modular and horizontal projects took place on 8-9 November in Nice (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region).

The CPMR’s Intermediterranean Commission is a partner in the horizontal projects InnoBlueGrowth (Axis 1 on Blue Growth) and PANACeA (Axis 3.2 on Protected Areas), and in the modular projects SHERPA (Axis 2.1 on energy efficiency in buildings) and CO-EVOLVE (Axis 3.1 on sustainable tourism).

These first exchanges made it possible to start to develop the relationship between horizontal and modular project partners. The horizontal projects are indeed in charge of the communication and capitalisation activities of the modular projects.

As well as creating a genuine community of projects that can exchange information effectively and reach greater critical mass, project activities aim to represent a balanced, sensitive understanding of the identified themes. This will be useful to raise awareness towards relevant political and territorial bodiespic_1. It also hoped that they will offer useful reflections to feed discussions for IMC and CPMR working groups.

InnoBlueGrowth will be particularly linked to the MAESTRALE, PELAGOS and PROTEUS projects, dealing with marine renewable energies for the former, and maritime surveillance for the latter. Two to three additional modular projects from the second evaluation phase of the Program should be added to this list from the beginning of December 2016.

As for PANACeA, it will be linked to eight projects dealing with various topics under the umbrella of ecosystem and environmental preservation/management, including protected [marine] areas or “[M] PAs”: AMARe (maritime spatial planning and PAs), CONFISH (fish stock recovery network), ECOSUSTAIN (PAs), FishMPABlue2 (governance of artisanal fisheries in PAs), MEDSEALITTER (marine waste management), MPA-ADAPT (adaptation of MPAs to climate change), POSBEMED (joint strategy for beach and dune posidonia management) and WETNET (wetland governance). Two other modular projects will potentially be added to this list next month.

An event dedicated to the Community of projects, including the latest approved projects, will be organised by the program at the beginning of 2017.