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A vote of the Fisheries Committee on the proposal for a Regulation on the EMFF for the next programming period took place on Thursday, 08 March.

On several significant points, this vote favours the proposals of the CPMR. The CPMR’s proposals have been developed over the past few months, based on the work of the CPMR’s Fisheries group, led by Pierre Karleskind, Vice-President of the Brittany Region responsible for the sea and port infrastructures.

The main positive points from the vote by the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries concern:

  • The overall budget of the EMFF. The CPMR wanted the EMFF budget to be maintained at at least the same level as during the 2014-2020 period. The Fisheries Committee is asking for an increase in the EMFF budget, and to raise this budget to 7.739 billion euros in current prices, against 6.1 billion in current prices also proposed by the European Commission. The position of the Fisheries Committee is consistent with the proposals in the European Parliament’s report on the multiannual financial framework for the period 2021-2027, which calls for raising the EMFF budget to 6.87 billion euros in constant prices, compared to the 6.1 billion euros proposed by the European Commission.
  • The share of EMFF in shared management. The CPMR wanted an extension of shared management within the EMFF in relation to the proposals of the European Commission. The Fisheries Committee wants to raise the share of shared management IN the EMFF to 87%, and to reduce the share of direct and direct management to 13%, which is positive in view of the CPMR’s position.
  • The possibility for Member States to adopt regional operational programs for the EMFF. The CPMR asked for the introduction of this possibility, in a context where today only national operational programs are possible under the EMFF. The CPMR believes that the effectiveness of the EMFF’s contribution to its own objectives requires implementation as closely as possible to territorial strategies. The Fisheries Committee voted in favour of an amendment opening the possibility of regional operational programs.
  • The possibility of financing aquaculture and the processing of fisheries and aquaculture products through subsidies, not just through financial instruments. The CPMR says that managing authorities must be able to determine the appropriate forms of support with socio-economic actors. The Fisheries Committee voted in that direction.

The CPMR will continue its action on these topics, in view of the vote of the European Parliament in plenary session, scheduled for April.