EMFF: CPMR reacts to European Commission’s proposals

//EMFF: CPMR reacts to European Commission’s proposals


Following its initial press release, the CPMR has published additional elements in response to the European Commission’s proposals for the post-2020 EMFF.

In its reaction, the CPMR highlights the need to increase the share of shared management in the EMFF, to strengthen the role of regions in the management of operational programs, to remove the obligation to use financial instruments to support aquaculture and processing of fishery products outside small-scale fisheries, and to reduce the list of ineligible measures.

The publication of the CPMR’s reaction follows the meeting of its Political Bureau on 21 June, as well as the hearing of the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries on the EMFF, held on 20 June, during which the CPMR was represented by Claire Hugues, Pays de la Loire regional councillor.

The CPMR will continue its mobilisation on the post-2020 EMFF and will submit proposals for amendments to MEPs, and in particular to its rapporteur Mr Gabriel Mato.

The CPMR’s action in this area is led by Mr Pierre Karleskind, Vice-President of the Brittany Region and Chairman of the CPMR Fisheries Group, and Mr George Alexakis, Vice-President of the CPMR in charge of Maritime Affairs, and Vice-President of the Crete region.

The work carried out with the Regions is also reliant on regular discussions with various specialised organisations, including Farnet (the European fisheries areas network) and Europêche (association of national organisations of fishing enterprises in the European Union), who participated in the working meetings organised by the CPMR on 19 and 20 June in Brussels.

In recent months, the CPMR has also held high level meetings with the European Commission, illustrated in particular by the participation of its Secretary General, Eleni Marianou, in debates on the future of European funds post-2020 during the European Sea Days, in May 2018, in Burgas (Bulgaria).

In addition to its work on the post-2020 EMFF, the CPMR, led by its Atlantic Arc Commission (AAC), has also been actively involved in the debate on the Landing Obligation in Article 15 of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). Claire Hugues met with DG MARE and the French and Spanish Permanent Representations to the EU to present the position of the AAC on this matter, and to highlight a key regional study produced by the ‘Comité Départemental des Pêches du Finistère’, based in Brittany.