Half of the world’s population depends directly on our seas and oceans for their livelihoods. And if we take a closer look, we all share this dependency. The seas and oceans are essential to life on Earth. For our food, for our climate, for our water chain, for our travels. By ensuring our wellbeing, by regulating our climate, by forging our cultural identity, by hosting an important share of our economic activities, by offering a great potential for sustainable jobs.

The CPMR Regions are on the front line to attest how crucial our seas and oceans are. They were also the first to witness the growing impact of human activities, climate change, pollution, coastal degradation which pose serious threats for our planet.

If the CPMR Regions are on the front line to alert of the growing risks our seas and oceans are facing, they are also on the front line to adapt, to deliver new innovative solutions, to create tailor-made solutions to answer local challenges and to commit to take action.

Coastal and maritime Regions have been pleased to see, since 2014, Our Ocean conferences inviting world leaders to look forward and respond, delivering high-level commitments and transforming the challenges ahead into an opportunity for cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship. As the 2017 edition “An Ocean for Life” was hosted by the European Union in Malta, at the heart of the Mediterranean, Regions have been eager to share their commitment to contribute to OOC work.

The CPMR has been pleased to see that 2 commitments from its member Regions have been published on OurOcean website:


– Brittany Regions announces that it partners with science and industry to support Common Fisheries Policy’s objectives by contributing to the work of the Association of the Great Atlantic Coast in favour of sustainable fishing.



– Västra Götaland announces that it joins forces with maritime business and research in a maritime cluster to strengthen the Region’s blue economy.




As a follow-up of the OurOcean conference, the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Intergroup will organise an event on 10 January 2018 in the European Parliament with Commissioner Karmenu VELLA to further discuss this issue.