The CPMR is planning to work with its regions on new efforts to launch an EU strategic vision for maritime industries.

The CPMR plans to develop this work following its involvement in a conference on the implementation of the LeaderShip 2020 report for maritime industries, organised by the EU advisory body, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), on 24 October.

Adopted in 2013, following a consultation process that involved the CPMR, this report presents a strategic vision of the maritime industries, based on the economic interactions between the sectors of the shipbuilding industry, marine energies, oil and gas.

It identifies a set of actions to be taken for the development of these industries. The CPMR has been involved in its implementation, most notably through its involvement in the Interreg Europe CLIPPER project, led by the Pays de la Loire region.

The EESC conference highlighted the need to update LeaderShip 2020 guidelines. As explained by Sea-Europe at the conference, the European shipbuilding industry faces new challenges, particularly in terms of international competition. The need to update a European vision for the maritime industries goes hand-in-hand with the recent relaunch of the debate on the EU’s industrial strategy.

The European Commission published the communication “A renewed strategy for the EU’s industrial policy” on 13 September. The Council of the European Union has invited the Commission to continue its work to develop a comprehensive post-2030 industrial strategy, and to evaluate how post-2020 European programs and instruments could support it.

The CPMR has in the past strongly defended the need for a transversal approach to maritime industrial issues, consistent with the reality of economic interactions between several industrial sectors, including marine energy, shipbuilding and oil and gas.

These interactions are reflected in the regions’ smart specialization strategies. The potential interest in this subject was the subject of a CPMR meeting on 20 November.

Therefore, the CPMR will associate itself with the steps taken, in particular by Sea-Europe, to relaunch a European approach for maritime industries.

The CPMR will work with its member regions who are interested in getting involved in this work, with a view to the next European Industry Day.