The CPMR has published a new study analysing the potential of maritime development in Europe by looking at the priorities of the coastal Research and Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3).

The CPMR has analysed this potential by looking at the maritime dimension of over 110 RIS3, which guide investments related to regional policy.

This study, which was presented at the CPMR General Assembly 2016, shows that peripheral and maritime regions are prepared to invest in the economic potential offered by the maritime economy.

Six interactive maps have been developed, which provide access to information by Region and by theme.

The sea is a significant priority in 80% of the analysed strategies. It is included in the following themes:

  • Food, nutrition and health which includes for instance fisheries, aquaculture and marine biotechnology;
  • Tourism and leisure in coastal areas;
  • Managing marine and coastal areas;
  • Maritime transport;
  • Marine renewable energy, shipbuilding, advanced materials and manufacturing processes.

On the basis of the findings of this study, the CPMR recommends considering the Sea as a key area for EU investment in the preparation of the future EU policies after 2020.