The CPMR has been granted observer status by the European Commission’s Group of Member States’ Experts on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP).

It will undertake the role alongside the Noord-Holland Region, which is guiding the CPMR’s work in this field. The CPMR will also take the activities of its Geographical Commissions into consideration.

The MSP Expert Group is a group of national experts which meets regularly to provide advice and guidance on the implementation of the Marine Spatial Planning Directive.

The CPMR will provide useful information for the implementation of the MSP Directive on the key aspect of land-sea interaction. It will also focus on regional initiatives for the implementation of the MSP Directive, such as the results of projects or studies carried out by the CPMR or the member regions.

The CPMR will support the actions, such as studies and conferences, decided by the group which will require the support of regional authorities.

The CPMR is also involved in two projects dedicated to monitoring the implementation of the MSP directive in the North Atlantic, via the SIMNORAT project, and in the Western Mediterranean, via SIMWESTMED.

These projects, piloted by the SHOM (Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy), will mean an inventory of the implementation of the Directive can be drawn up, and challenges and good practices can be identified.

The next meeting of the Group of Experts of Member States on Maritime Space Planning will take place in Hamburg on 2 and 3 March 2017.