The CPMR is playing a lead role in a project to improve the management of protected areas in the Mediterranean in order to enhance and protect nature in the region.

The PANACeA project, which will streamline networking and management efforts in Mediterranean Protected Areas (PAs), is one of the eight Horizontal Projects approved from the first call of the Interreg MED programming period 2014-2020.

The project will encourage a range of people and organisations working on projects related to biodiversity and ecosystems in the Mediterranean – including managers, policymakers, socio-economic actors, civil society and the scientific community – to cooperate, share knowledge and experiences.

It will build a ‘community’ of nature conservation stakeholders in the Mediterranean who can bring about behavioural and policy change.

The main thematic focus areas include coastal and marine conservation, fisheries, Maritime Spatial Planning and climate change. This will be done under the umbrella of a series of modular projects:

  • AMAre (marine spatial planning and PA);
  • CONFISH (network of fish stock recovery areas);
  • ECOSUSTAIN (PA), FishMPABlue2 (governance of artisanal fisheries in PA);
  • MEDSEALITTER (marine waste management);
  • MPA-ADAPT (Adaptation of MPAs to climate change);
  • POSBEMED (strategy for joint management of Posidonia for beaches and dunes)
  • WETNET (wetland governance);
  • ACT4LITTER (marine waste in marine protected areas)

Led by ETC-UMA, the partnership in which the CPMR is involved through its Intermediterranean Commission (IMC), represents a number of expert organisations: Plan Bleu (France), UNIMED (Italy), Barcelona metropolitan area as General Secretariat of Medcities (Spain), and the Regional Environmental Centre – REC (Montenegro).

The project consortium gathered on 16-17 January 2017 in Malaga to set up the main strategies for its communication and dissemination activities and to start the community building process by performing a deep analysis of the nine modular projects.

They also prepared the agenda and activities for the upcoming Community Kick-off event, on 15-16 March 2017 at Villa Mediterranée in Marseille.

To join the ‘Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community’ please join the LinkedIn group “Biodiversity Protection Community” and follow news, activities, events announcements and debates on twitter @MedCommunity3_2 “MedBiodiversity”.