“Promote sustainable grointerreg-med-logowth in the Mediterranean area by fostering innovative concepts and practices and a reasonable use of resources and […] social integration through an integrated and territorially based cooperation approach.” This is the objective of the Interreg MED Programme 2014-2020 launched on 23 June in Marseille (FR) which the CPMR’s Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) aims to help to achieve.

Indeed, following the opening of tenders for INTERREG MED modular projects in September 2015 (and until 2 November 2015), the CPMR-IMC, in collaboration with its member Regions and other territorial actors, has been actively working to support the development of project proposals. In line with the strategic priorities of the IMC and its working groups, the targeted modular policy areas include the low-carbon economy with a focus on energy efficiency in public buildings (specific objective 2.1) and natural and sustainable resources with a particular emphasis on coastal and maritime sustainable tourism (specific objective 3.1). In all, six modular projects are currently in preparation.

In addition, backed by its experience gained during the implementation of the first horizontal project MED Programme 2007-2013 – COM & CAP MarinA-Med – the CPMR-IMC is also working to develop two new horizontal project proposals for the programming period 2014-2020 for which the call for horizontal projects will be open from 11 November 2015 to 11 January 2016. Communication and capitalisation activities of the first project would focus on innovation applied to Blue Growth (specific objective 1.1); those of the second on natural and sustainable resources for maintaining biodiversity and natural ecosystems by strengthening the management and networking of protected areas (specific objective 3.2).

Since September 2015, the CPMR-IMC received AND CIRCULATED nearly 40 partnership proposals for INTERREG MED projects and is helping to develop eight projects that will soon be submitted under INTERREG MED. It will also commit itself as an associate partner in several other potential proposals for modular and horizontal projects (including among others innovation, low carbon economy, SUSTAINABLE URBAN MOBILITY), thus ensuring the transmission and exchange of information on topics of crucial importance for the sustainable development of its member Regions and their various local and regional players.