GT SA janvier 2016The CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission discussed the 2016 Irish Presidency of the Atlantic Strategy Group (ASG) on 14 January 2016. On this occasion, Marcella Smyth, Maritime Affairs Attaché of the Irish Permanent Representation in Brussels, affirmed that the work of the ASG will be focused on concrete results in view of the mid-term review of the Atlantic Strategy Action Plan, which is expected to be concluded by mid-2017. In this framework, Ireland is continuing the momentum that was generated under the French Presidency in 2015.

The Irish Presidency will seek to reintegrate the Galway Statement within the Atlantic Strategy as the international dimension of this strategy. The attaché also stressed the need to secure specific funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMMF) for the Atlantic, as already exists for the Mediterranean. She finally suggested that in order to align it with the Atlantic Strategy Action Plan’s priorities, the ASG should work more closely with the Atlantic Area Programme, which will be chaired this year by Gerry Finn, who is currently the Director of the Northern and Western Regional Assembly.

The CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission is associated with the ASG to advocate Regions’ priorities and promote a better governance of the Atlantic Strategy.

The Atlantic Arc Commission’s Atlantic Strategy working group has been very active in this field and will continue proposing new elements for discussion when it meets again on 9 February in Brussels.