logo-SearicaThe Coastal Mapping Project, in which the CPMR is a partner together with Lazio Region and Hydrographical Services, has been selected by DG MARE in the framework of the EMFF. This important project was launched on 23 June 2015 and will last until the end of 2016. This project aims to assess the current availability of digital coastal maps in the EU, disseminate this information by EMODnet, share experiences of coastal mapping in the EU, develop standards and an algorithm for the acquisition of data and propose how a future strategy and programme could operate.

The CPMR will be particularly involved in this last objective. This particular task will include analysing the opportunities offered by EU funds to maximise the rationalisation of data acquisition in joint projects. An analysis of how current EU funds are available to support the acquisition, sharing and use of marine bathymetric data will be carried out. It will focus on the use of relevant ESI funds.

The project was presented during the Intergroup meeting on Marine Data, organised on 2 July 2015. The speakers and participants, representing a wide range of involved stakeholders, addressed various matters relating to marine data at EU level, including of course the use and collection of marine data, but also the issues of its integration, standardisation, interoperability, availability and accessibility.

The CPMR also had the opportunity to present the Bologna Charter and its Joint Action Plan as a concrete example of both how marine data can be used at regional level to develop and implement coastal management plans and how the Mediterranean Regions are working to coordinate their efforts in this regard. The presentations of the speakers are already available on www.searica.eu.