Summary of the service required

Experienced entities specialised in audio-visual production are needed to assist the CO-EVOLVE and SHERPA projects with the production of several promotional videos.

The profile of the entities, specialised in audio-visual production, must comply with the following criteria:

  • Training in communication and audio-visual, graphic design and photography, production and audio-visual postproduction of all types of videos and video clips for companies and individuals.
  • Experience (minimum 2 years) in recording and editing of personalized and corporate promotional videos for companies.
  • Relevant experience in audio-visual projects related to the promotion and corporate publicity will be valued at all stages of the process of recording and editing corporate videos: from the script to the latest digital retouching.
  • Experience in recording live events, conducting photographic sessions for meetings, meetings, conferences, congresses, fairs, and other special events. As well as flexibility in adjusting the content to the objectives of each project.
  • Knowledge and fluency of English compulsory. Command (even basic) of French, Italian, Spanish or Greek is an asset.

The main tasks to be performed are:

  • Production of a general presentation animated video of a duration of 2-3 minutes for each of the two projects
  • Compilation of videos, photographs and sound during specific events (to be further defined), as well as interviews with different personalities, and the subsequent production of a video compilation of:
    • Around 10 video clips of a duration of 3-4 minutes each, on an event or specific theme related to the project (4 video clips for CO-EVOLVE and 6/7 video clips for SHERPA)
    • A long video summarising the entire project of a duration of 10-15 minutes for each of the two projects

It must be noted that there are two different tenders -although pretty similar- one for each project, candidates must apply for.

The two contracts shall enter into force once they have been signed (towards the beginning of 2018, in January/February) and will last until 31 October 2019.

The deadline for submitting application is Monday 15 January 2018 at 12PM (Paris time, UTC+1).

For more information, please refer to the calls for tenders: