The Executive Committee of the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission gathered in Brussels on 13-14 January 2016 to decide upon its 2016 budget and start the preparations for the General Assembly that will be hosted  in Region Gävleborg on 26-27 May 2016.

During this event, the Baltic Sea Commission will also organise a Stakeholder Conference on Smart Specialisation.

All Member Regions of the Baltic Sea Commission will be invited to organise workshops on specific areas of interest within their own Smart Specialisation Strategies. More information will be sent to the Member Regions in early February.

The BSC Executive Committee will meet again in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region (FI) in March, to decide on proposals for the General Assembly. These proposals will include a vision statement, revised internal rules and an increased membership fee.

Last but not least, Members of the Executive Committee thanked Jaakko Mikkola, Helsinki-Uusimaa Region, for chairing the BSC Maritime Working Group for the last four years and appointed Tiina Perho, Member of the Board, Regional Council of SouthWest Finland as the new Chair of this Working Group. Annika Sandström, President of Stockholm County Council was also appointed as Vice-President of the BSC Executive Committee.