BSC-logo_jpgThe Executive Committee of the Baltic Sea Commission met in Visby (SE), on the Island of Gotland, on 22–23 September 2015. The Baltic Sea Commission is going through a strategic process that involves defining and refining the work they are carrying out in order to provide added value to their Member Regions.

During this meeting, the Executive Committee engaged in a future scenario workshop and made a decision to open up the Commission’s three Working Groups on Energy, Transport and Maritime Affairs to all Regions around the Baltic Sea area for one year only.  This will help to both inform the potential Member Regions in the Baltic Sea and give them concrete examples of the added value of being part of the common work that is a first positive step to building an even stronger Baltic Sea Commission.

The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss with, and confirm closer cooperation with, the Horizontal Action Coordinator Capacity, focusing on the importance of Multi-Level Governance in the revised Action Plan of the EUSBSR (EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region).

The meeting was held back-to-back with the BSSSC Annual Conference and during the Conference the Maritime Working Group of the Baltic Sea Commission organised a session on Smart Specialisation and Blue Growth. The Maritime Working Group of the Baltic Sea Commission also met in Stockholm on 8 September 2015, to share information regarding planned, on-going and completed EU projects relating to Blue Growth in the Baltic Sea Region. This work will be connected to the follow-up of the Blue.invest conference, in which several Regions of the Baltic Sea participated.