Two innovative Atlantic projects, developed in partnership with the CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission (AAC), have received major awards for their work to boost the blue economy.

picture_atlantic-stakeholder-platform_awarded-projectsThe Atlantic Power Cluster (APC) and ARCOPOLplatform projects received their awards for best projects developed under the Atlantic strategy during the 3rd Atlantic Stakeholder Platform, held in Dublin in September.

Karmenu Vella, EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, presented the prizes at the event which is aimed at promoting maritime activities and encourage joint projects and cross-border cooperation between the five Atlantic Member States.

Speaking at the ceremony, Commissioner Vella said the purpose of the awards is to highlight “some of the most successful actions stimulating the blue economy” he said.

In total, four projects – each belonging to different categories – were rewarded, two of which involved the AAC as partner. The four eligible categories were: entrepreneurship and innovation; Atlantic Marine and coastal environment; accessibility and connectivity and Sustainability.

The two projects involving the AAC fell into the Atlantic Marine and coastal environment, and Sustainability categories.

The ARCOPOLplatform project aimed to improve maritime safety and protect Atlantic coastal regions from maritime pollutions through the development of a technological platform. This project capitalises on the ARCOPOL and ARCOPOLplus projects, formerly funded under the Interreg Atlantic Area programme.

The APC project intended to implement a transnational marine energy strategy to tackle main challenges for the development of marine energies in the Atlantic area.