Logo-AdriplanIn order to establish a common European framework for maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal management in EU Member States, with a view to ensuring that the growth of maritime and coastal activities and the use of resources at sea and on coasts remain sustainable, last year the European Parliament and the Council adopted a Directive establishing a framework for maritime spatial planning in Europe.

Since then, the CPMR has been contributing to the implementation of this Directive at the regional level participating in different expert meetings aiming at identifying the most efficient and sustainable current and future utilisation of the maritime space and implementing a good coordination between land- and sea-based activities.

In this framework, the ADRIPLAN Project supports commonly-agreed cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning in the Adriatic – Ionian Region. ADRIPLAN activities and outcomes will be presented as part of a Final Conference in Venice (IT) on 10 July 2015.

During this conference, high level guest speakers from European, National and Regional institutions will provide key note presentations, and it will be an opportunity to bring together public officers and internationally recognised Maritime Spatial Planning experts.

ADRIPLAN stands for ADRiatic Ionian maritime spatial PLANning and is a project funded by the European Commission (DG MARE) with a total project budget of €1 250 000 and running for 18 months from 10 December 2013 until 10 June 2015.