berlinThe 2nd Euro-Mediterranean Brokerage & Venturing Event MedSpring which will be held in Berlin, Germany on 25-26 February 2015. Hosted by DLR, in collaboration with MHESR, MCST, ANIMA and CIHEAM-IAMB , the event is back to back with the Annual Meeting of the General Assembly o the MEDSPRING project.

This regional Euro-Mediterranean event will enable companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and researchers from different EU and Mediterranean countries to meet and facilitate bridging between research and innovation through the creation of private-public and research-enterprise partnerships. It also aims at activating relevant actors in the Mediterranean region, helping them to enhance clustering for innovation involving young entrepreneurs from the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs). The brokerage event will stimulate the participation of representatives of identified innovation clusters as well as ideas carriers from different European countries. Existing regional networks or cluster initiatives will also be involved in the event to help triggering local to regional commercial-technology partnerships.

MEDSPRING offers an innovative way of creating new contacts and prepare face-to-face meeting. Participants are invited to upload their cooperation profile on the MedSpring Brokerage and Partnering Tool. It serves to give participants in MedSpring brokerage events an overview of other participants, allowing them to define a networking agenda and already make first contacts prior to the event.

About 90 participants from 18 countries will attend the brokerage event, (young entrepreneurs/researchers, start-ups, researcher institutions, tech-driven enterprises, SMEs and other relevant private/public potential investors/networks). They will share their interest and offers for cooperation as well as to get funding opportunities. Among them, about 20 entrepreneurs and researchers are invited to present their innovative ideas (8 min.): a first session will be held Wednesday 25 afternoon (16:30-18:00) and the second one Thursday 26 morning (09:00-10:30).

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