Following on from its first paper in February 2018 on ’Migration and Asylum in EU Regions: Towards a multilevel governance approach’, dealing with reception and integration, the CPMR has just launched a second issue paper focusing on the external dimension of migration policies.

The paper entitled Working together: the regional strategy’ was developed in collaboration with Gemma Pinyol, Head of Migration Policies at Instrategies, CPMR’s expert consultant on migration. It is the result of reflections led by the CPMR’s Task Force on Migration, an internal survey on regional experiences and capacities, and desk research.

In the document, the CPMR explains how regional knowledge and experience both in migration and international cooperation can prove to be instrumental in achieving the goals related to the external dimension of EU migration policy, as well as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and two Global Compacts on migration and asylum.

The CPMR therefore calls for Regions to be recognised as relevant partners and for EU programmes and financial instruments in the post 2020 programming period to open more room for regions to reinforce their potential engagement within the external dimension of EU migration policy.

It is hoped that the paper will constitute a step forward to building a regional strategy on migration, mobility and development.

In parallel, the CPMR has just launched the beta version of a visual mapping on migration management and the role of the Regions. The interactive map, based on the results of two surveys among its members, is a user-friendly rolling tool on regional competences and experiences in the field of migration and asylum. It is designed for mutual learning between regions and for promoting regional actions among external stakeholders and partner organisations for project activities, networking and identifying expertise in specific areas.

Click here to view the map.

Finally, in line with its own activities on migration policies, the CPMR is collaborating with the EU Committee of the Regions on its recently launched initiative ‘Cities and Regions for Integration’. [Read more…]