Migration_PhotoWhile the EU is trying to set up a balanced, comprehensive and common migration policy, built upon solidarity and responsibility, the CPMR is launching an Inter-Commission Task Force on migration with the aim of contributing to the response to humanitarian emergencies dealing with illegal immigration in the CPMR regions and to the dynamics of integration of migrants and socio-economic development.

This task force will promote reflections and recommendations on possible measures for improving the practical, immediate response to the challenges of humanitarian emergencies in the CPMR Regions. It will also encourage broad joint reflection on the deepest roots of migratory flows and more effective action for improving its management.

To encourage and strengthen new cooperation processes and partnerships, this CPMR task force shall facilitate communication and exchange of concrete best practice between regional authorities and their partners and monitor coherent multilateral governance vis-à-vis the EU and international organisations.

Concerning its composition, the Task Force will bring together those CPMR Member Regions interested in this issue, the Executive Secretaries of the CPMR’s Geographical Commissions, one dedicated CPMR Vice-President and the CPMR General Secretariat. External experts and special advisers, will be invited to participate as observers, if needed and on an ad-hoc basis.

The leadership of the Task Force will be assumed by the Region of Sicily (IT) and the work will be coordinated by Region Skåne (Sweden) that, as Vice-Presidency of the CPMR, would be responsible for reporting to the CPMR Political Bureau. The Geographical Commissions will be actively involved. In particular, the Intermediterranean Commission whose members are especially concerned by migratory flows and emergency situations and are extremely pro-active in the field of integration policies. Each Commission will appoint at least two or three Regions to be involved in the work of the Task Force, including a coordinating region.