Meeting of the CPMR Fisheries and Aquaculture Working Group

////Meeting of the CPMR Fisheries and Aquaculture Working Group
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30-31 January 2018


PowerPoint Presentations

The EMFF beyond 2020 – in view of Brexit“, Jan Nico Appelman, Regional Minister, Province of Flevoland

Levers to enhance the value of EU products on the market by 2030“, Anne Guillaumin Gauthier, Policy Officer, Region Brittany

Operadores sector Pesquero y Acuicola Andaluz“, Margarita Pérez Martin, Directora General de Pesca y Acuicultura, Andalucia

Thinking about 2020 and onwards: Fisheries management issues and the next EMFF“, Jean-Marie Robert, Policy Officer, Les Pêcheurs de Bretagne

Aquaculture: at mid-point, where do we stand?“, Julia Rubeck, Policy Officer Aquaculture, DG MARE, European Commission

CLLD Contribution to mobilisation and innovation“, Gilles van de Walle, Director, FARNET

Moving towards the post-2020 Fisheries and Maritime Fund“, Veronika Veits, Director for Fisheries Policy in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, DG MARE, European Commission

Discussions on issues relating to the post-2020 EMFF“, Daniel Voces de Onaindi, Managing Director, Europêche