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The CPMR General Assembly was held on 16-18 October 2019 in Palermo (Sicily, Italy).

CPMR Manifesto (EN – FR – ES – IT – EL)

Agenda of the CRMR General Assembly (EN – FR – ES – IT – EL)

Agenda of CPMR Seminar on Circular Economy (EN – FR – ES – IT)


Opening Session

Eleni Marianou, CPMR

Session 3

Gaetano Armao, Sicilian Region

Session 4

Kaarin Taipale, Regional Council of Helsinki-Uusimaa

Session 5

Joaquim Pereira Grilo, Alentejo Region

Meit Fohlin, Gotland

Juan José Martinez Lozano, Murcia Region

Session 8

Davide Strangis, CPMR

Session 9

Jämtland Härjedalen, Sweden

Värmland, Sweden



List of Working Papers (EN – FR – ES – IT)


CPMR Activity Report 2018-2019 (EN – FR – ES – IT – EL)

Session 1 & 3

2021-2027 EU budget negotiations: a state of play (EN – FR)

CPMR Statement to the European Council (ENFR)

Session 4

Towards a climate neutral transport for all in 2050, at the latest (EN – FR – ES – IT)

Session 5

National Energy Climate Plans: The need for a territorial approach (EN – FR)

Regions, indispensable partners for a new European climate ambition (EN – FR – ES – IT)

Session 6

Common Fisheries Policy and European Maritime and Fisheries Fund: State of play and prospects for the CPMR (EN – FR)

Session 7

CPMR ManifestoSee above

Extraordinary General Assembly

CPMR Statutes – approvedSee here

Session 8

Financial Documents Confidential

CPMR Strategy on EU projects (EN – FR)


List of the CPMR Political Bureau for 2018-2020 (EN)

Timetable of CPMR meetings 2019-2020 (EN)