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The CPMR, coordinator of the AI-NURECC Initiative, organised a side event in Budva (Montenegro), on 6 May 2019, in the framework of the 4th EUSAIR Annual Forum (6-8 May 2019). This AI-NURECC Initiative’s event contributes in providing added value for the implementation of the EUSAIR macro-regional strategy.

This side event falls under the AI-NURECC Skills Development and Training Action and is aiming to bring together young people, politicians and officers from Regional and Local Authorities and representatives of Chambers of Commerce, Universities, VET, NGOs, Managing Authorities of ETC programmes, Interreg Project Manager.

The CPMR specifically organised:

A SEMINAR on Skills Development and Training Action taking place in the afternoon. This Seminar brought together representatives of the academic and business sectors and launch a dialogue to examine the industrial transition and entrepreneurial discovery within the framework of the Smart Specialisation Strategies. The topic of this Seminar will focus on Blue Growth and Tourism.





The Adriatic Ionian Network of Universities, Regions, Chambers of Commerce and Cities Initiative (AI-NURECC) is an initiative coordinated by the CPMR with support of four partners of the Adriatic Ionian region:

  • Adriatic Ionian Euroregion (AIE)
  • Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities (FAIC)
  • Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce (Forum AIC)
  • Network of AI Universities (UniAdrion)

The initiative aims to contribute to the achievement of the EUSAIR (European Union Strategy for the Adriatic Ionian region) Political objectives as well as to foster the sound implementation of its action Plan with the final goal of promoting a structured dialogue and stronger and more effective cooperation among key Adriatic-Ionian stakeholders.

The project runs 18 months starting on 1st March 2018.

During its implementation the project will deliver the following initiatives:

  • AI-NURECC Youth Action
  • AI-NURECC Creative and Cultural Industries Action
  • AI-NURECC Task Force on Tourism and Cultural Heritage
  • AI-NURECC Skills Development and Training Action
  • AI-NURECC Observatory on Multilevel Governance

In order to ensure a broad dissemination of AI-NURECC results, the project will also design and implement a communication strategy under the AI-NURECC Communication Campaign.

AI-NURECC PowerPoint presentation