This unique alliance of European stakeholders brings together a broad and diverse number of regional and local authorities, businesses, youth and faith groups and civil society organisations working on climate, human rights, litigation, mobilisation, sports and health and urges European decision-makers to make climate change a top priority for Europe.

Among the messages of the Climate Action Call to the new European Parliament and European Commission as well as to EU Member States, the CPMR and the other stakeholders call for a fair and just transition, where “Regions that are still highly depend on fossil fuels, as well as regions highly affected by climate change, such as maritime regions, should be supported in this transition”.

Fighting climate change with a fair and just transition that takes into account territorial specificities can bring major economic and social benefits, attract new investments, create new jobs and limit health damages.

Cees Loggen, Regional Minister of the Noord-Holland Province and CPMR Vice-President in charge of Climate and Energy said:

“We, as regional politicians, must carry a positive message on fighting climate change. We need enthusiasm and hope, and we need to show that tackling climate change also means opportunities. Fighting climate change is also about economic growth and job creation. Europe needs to invest in new technologies, develop innovations, and take the lead in the global competition. We need the European Union to strengthen its ambitions in terms of climate action, and to work in synergy with the territories.”

In a nutshell, the Call for Action asks the European decision-makers to:

  1. Commit to accelerate actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net zero emissions as soon as possible.
  2. Plan the end of the use of fossil fuels and providing strong support to energy efficiency, renewable energy and emission cuts outside the energy sector.
  3. Safeguard a just and fair transition and ensuring that the EU increases its support to developing countries to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  4. Increase efforts to roll out the circular economy and increase resource efficiency.
  5. Recognise biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration as a crucial component of climate action.

Make sure to read the full Call for Action here