CPMR launches a questionnaire on climate change

//CPMR launches a questionnaire on climate change


To prepare for its participation in the COP21 to be held in Paris in early December 2015, the CPMR – whose Political Bureau adopted a policy position which sets out the commitments and wishes of the regions – issued a questionnaire to its members in July to identify their actions for adapting to and protecting against the impacts of climate change.

The regions, which are heavily exposed to global warming with rising sea levels and the increasing number of extreme weather events – are in effect being led to implement climate adaptation and mitigation policies in many fields and sectors of activity.

To date around thirty Regions from all the sea basins have responded to the questionnaire. The aim is to identify the most emblematic regional actions which will illustrate the position that the CPMR will put forward during the COP21 in December. It will recall on this occasion that sub-national tiers are the main operational levels when it comes to climate protection (the UNDP has calculated that cities and regions contribute to 80% of all climate action), at the same time as the COP21 is to reach a new international climate agreement with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.