The CPMR and its member regions have agreed a policy position outlining our long-term strategy for reducing EU greenhouse gas emissions.

The CPMR policy position, which was developed in response to the European Commission’s consultation on this crucial issue, calls for a vision setting out how the EU will meet the Paris Agreement ambitions and not roll back on them.

The position stresses the major challenges the EU faces in terms of global warming and the need for climate action. It can only do this, and assume its global leadership role, by mobilising all levels of government, citizens, businesses and other stakeholders.

The policy position highlights how regions are already setting more ambitious targets on reducing emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, as well as developing innovative policies and approaches to deliver a just transition.

The CPMR and its member regions are ready to play their part in this transformation. Europe’s regions, cities and local authorities are an asset for the EU, both in delivering the internal transition necessary within the EU, and at an international level through their active role in para-diplomacy, development policy, and links with communities across the world.

The key messages to the European Commission presented in the policy position are:

  • Europe must deliver on the ambition of restricting global warming to 1.5°C by 2100 and net zero carbon by 2050;
  • Regions must show net zero-carbon is achievable by 2050. The new strategy must valorise a multi-level governance approach;
  • Unlocking innovation can deliver transformational change and create new sustainable employment and businesses;
  • Changing behaviours: citizens, businesses and governments to facilitate energy transition;
  • Renewable energies are delivering… but we need to go much further including prioritising marine renewable energies;
  • Let’s work with nature, not against it;
  • Just transition: Territorial cohesion must underpin climate action;
  • Regions must be part of EU external policy response to climate action;
  • Europe must shift towards a sustainable finance framework that drives forward investments in climate action.

Read the CPMR’s Long-Term Strategy on Reducing Emissions’, approved by the CPMR Political Bureau.