The Normandy region has expressed its interest in enhancing cooperation with the CPMR In the Channel area to foster sustainable economic development. The process of Brexit is an opportunity to redefine cooperation between French and British regional and local authorities.

By organising regular meetings between French and British regional and local authorities, as well as socioeconomic stakeholders from the Channel area, the Channel Alliance aims to:

  • Identify common areas of interest for cooperation
  • Draw modalities of cooperation in a post-Brexit context

The Channel Alliance supports the need to develop cross-Channel cooperation out of conviction, pragmatism and ambition, so that after Brexit Franco-British cooperation does not just become residual cooperation.

The CPMR is the natural organisation to move this process forward. It has unique experience in coordinating European stakeholders’ networks as well as developing projects, both at sea basin level.

The CPMR has also carried out analysis of the impact of Brexit on its member regions. It will build on the work of its North Sea and Atlantic Arc Commissions on the territorial impacts of Brexit.

Read an article on the meeting to establish the Channel Alliance.


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